Minecraft content creator Technoblade announces he has been diagnosed with cancer

The 22-year-old had been experiencing arm soreness.

Image via Technoblade

Minecraft streamer and content creator Technoblade has announced his recent hiatus was due to being diagnosed with cancer. 

In his most recent video, Technoblade confirmed that he was diagnosed on Aug. 2 after visiting a doctor to get his right arm looked at. Near the end of July, the 22-year-old began experiencing right arm soreness. After taking a few days off to rest, thinking it was some form of stress-related injury from playing too many games, his right shoulder began to swell and he decided to make an appointment. 

During the visit, doctors ran several scans and told him that the issues with his arms were being caused by a tumor. He has since started chemotherapy treatment for the disease, and it has been going well, although he said his energy has been low.

“The first couple days were actually pretty chill,” Technoblade said. “I was like, dang this is easy bro, and then it kicked in and my energy levels were zero. They were absolutely nothing. It is hard to describe how tired I was.”

In his video, Technoblade seems to be in good spirits, joking that he told the doctors they could just cut off his arm because he had won enough Minecraft tournaments already and he could just keep playing with his feet from now on. He also spent time making light of the situation, plugging his new plushies and talking about how much he looks forward to continuing his content creation. 

“After I got diagnosed I have been making a lot of phone calls, informing all of my distant family members about the situation,” Technoblade said. “But I gotta say, of all the phone calls I made nobody took the news worse than my health insurance provider. They have been inconsolable for weeks.”

He also used his platform to advocate for his fans and viewers to continue wearing a mask and get the COVID-19 vaccine if they can, because he is now immunocompromised and anyone like him who has an illness is put at greater risk to the disease. Though he does ask that they also do their own research and not just to take advice from a Minecraft YouTuber. 

The Minecraft community is already out in full force supporting him and sending positive messages to one of its biggest creators, with #technosupport already trending on Twitter. 

As one comment said, Techno is a four-time Minecraft Monday winner, a two-time Minecraft Championship (MCC) champion, and has multiple records in various Minecraft PvP modes. 

“Technoblade beats every challenge thrown at him with a smile on his face,” Lapis Goblin said. “He’ll beat cancer too. Technoblade never dies.”

Technoblade plans to continue producing content while treating his cancer, noting that he enjoys the process of creating videos and it is one of the “safest and most fun things” he can do during this time.