Dr Disrespect wants to create an awards show next year to reward “true creatives in the industry”

This show would focus more on smaller aspects of games and the gaming community.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect might be considering creating his own gaming awards show next year, he tweeted last night.

This awards show would be focused on the details of games and streaming and would have categories “that really matter,” such as “best multiplayer map design, best weapon skin design, best single-player level, best menu music, funniest clip, gameplay clip of the year,” according to Doc.

There are several gaming awards shows already in existence, like the Golden Joystick, Bafta Game Awards, or The Game Awards 2020, which is set to take place on Dec. 10. These other shows normally have broad categories that award games as a whole, though, as opposed to Doc’s idea of rewarding specific characteristics of a game and its relation to the gaming community.

It’s not confirmed that Doc will actually create a new awards show. But the Esports Awards replied to Dr Disrespect’s tweet earlier today, saying it will “happily” dedicate a section of the show next year to his idea at the ceremony in Arlington, Texas. “Black and red trophies optional,” the Esports Awards said.

Dr Disrespect could just get a section within an already-existing award show instead of creating his own. Either way, fans of the Two-Time would probably enjoy seeing an awards show with his aesthetics and with categories that “reward the true creatives in the industry.”