Dr Disrespect previews song off his upcoming album

Doc drops another banger.

Photo via MLG

Popular YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has revealed his intent to release a full-length album after previewing a work-in-progress song on stream.

The Two-Time has created his own music before, sporadically dropping hits such as “Gillette,” “Red Skies,” and “Alleyways.” Coining his own brand of synthwave music, Dr Disrespect’s infrequent musical production has become an integral part of his on-screen persona and incredible production value.

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Doc’s musical ambitions appear to have only grown in the past year, recently previewing his first new song off of a supposedly upcoming album. After playing a snippet of the track on Feb. 17, Doc played a much more filled-out version in his recent March 30 stream but was quick to clarify it’s still a work in progress. The track featured a remixed version of the main theme of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, featuring the Doc’s vocals over it.

The Doc also name-dropped his producer, Volkor X, and it’s clear that the duo has already put some significant work into the album. It will likely be some time before we get to see the full release, however, since we’ve only seen the progress of one song thus far. Alongside this, the previous streamer of the year award winner has undertaken several significant projects aside from his aspiring music career.

Working on his own bourbon, a gaming studio that has recently announced production, and an album, the Doc certainly is a busy man.