Disguised Toast posts full recap of NA vs. Spanish drama from Twitch Rivals Rust event, shows multiple perspectives

Toast posted a lengthy recap video.

Screengrab via Disguised Toast

Twitch Rivals is a competitive series where popular streamers battle against each other in different games. But one of the most recent Twitch Rivals competitions, organized by team leaders Alexby11 and DisguisedToast, didn’t quite go as planned. Two days after the match began, most of the Spanish team quit after accusing the North American team of cheating.

The Rust event, which started on April 14, saw energetic participation on the first day, with streamers from across the world beginning their work. Eventually, the NA team built a scrap helicopter, but the Spanish team was able to steal it and use it to terrorize the NA team’s base before exploding over a large rock. This seemed like a genuinely fun moment, with both sides excited by the action.

Things then played out, and soon, NA was ready to raid the Spanish team’s main base. But that’s where the conflict began to evolve into something outside of the game. The Spanish team pointed out that, according to the rules, no one is allowed to break a twig base. This is also shown in the recap video that Disguised Toast posted on April 30.

While this is likely meant to keep primitives from being immediately killed, even the judges were surprised when the Spanish team built their whole base out of twigs. Shortly after this and after discussing among themselves, many of the Spanish team disconnected from the match for the first time. This was soon followed by a call between the admins and team leaders.

After seemingly coming to a tense agreement, the game continued. Players from both sides continued attacking monuments and scoring dog tags, with the Spanish team often in the lead. But after some on the Spanish squad accused NA of using better weapons than the rules allowed while attacking the oil monument, the Spanish team once again became angry.

The accusations from the second time around included that the NA team wasn’t using primitive weapons, even though they mainly used tier-one crossbows and revolvers after the first hiccup, or that the ping was too high. “That’s why the rest of the world hates you guys,” one Spanish streamer said.

When Toast woke up on day two of the tournament, he returned to footage of the Spanish team looting, killing, and destroying inside the NA team’s main base. This happened to be the same rule that the Spanish team was raging about at the beginning when NA raided them. So this seemed like the Spanish team was taking revenge in the same way when they thought NA broke the rules.

The rest of day two saw a lot of back and forth fighting in the monuments and some fighting among players in the game’s chat. Near the end of the day, when many Spanish players were heading to bed, some of their team decided that they wouldn’t log in to play for the last day of the Twitch Rivals event since NA was given dog tags after the admins saw the Spanish team cheating.

After noticing they were in another call with the admins, DisguisedToast said, “I know I’m supposed to be the reasonable one, but these fuckers spend more time in a call than playing the game.” Toast claimed that the Spanish team is trying to find fault everywhere even though they were doing well for some time.

With 14 hours left, Alexby11 posted a long thread on Twitter saying many of the same things his players told him during the game. No associated clips or images prove his point, but Alexby persists with the allegations. Much of the tweet is name-calling and insinuations about North America being stupid and entitled, including that they didn’t know “there are people playing on your servers on the other side of an ocean. Some won’t even know what an ocean is.”

From a team calling for respect and fair treatment while playing a game, these tweets from their leader show a more profound prejudice toward the NA team. While there is evidence that NA may have technically violated the rules initially, the name-calling and unsportsmanlike rhetoric didn’t come from them.