Disguised Toast banned on Twitch while watching anime

It appears DMCA has struck again.

Screengrab via Disguised Toast

Twitch streamer Disguised Toast has been banned on the platform.

The streamer was live on Twitch watching the anime Death Note when he was hit with the ban. It isn’t clear how long the ban will last, but it may be a 48-hour suspension if fellow streamer Pokimane’s suspension is any indication. Pokimane was banned for streaming copyrighted content last week.

Streaming TV shows or movies without the consent of the copyright holder is in violation of Twitch’s policy and has already led to some DMCA-related suspensions. Despite this, many of the platform’s top streamers have continued to broadcast prohibited content.

Disguised Toast was one of the first streamers to adopt this “react meta,” streaming full episodes of Naruto on his channel shortly after making his return to Twitch. With this practice continuing, it remains to be seen how Twitch will respond and if there will be further punishment handed out to those who violate the rules.

Despite the ban, it seems that Toast and his community are in good spirits. Other streamers, such as YouTube Gaming streamer Ludwig, Pokimane, and Peter Park, also chimed in and joked about the situation.

In November 2021, DisguisedToast returned to Twitch after a two-year stint with Facebook Gaming. It isn’t immediately clear when the streamer will be back live on the platform or how long the suspension on his channel will last.

Update Jan. 11, 12:58am CT: While there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the duration of the ban, Disguised Toast posted to social media that he will see everyone in a month, which could indicate that the ban will run for that period of time. “Welp, looks like I’ll be seeing you guys in a month,” he said.