Pokimane unbanned on Twitch

The streamer was banned after being hit with a DMCA takedown.

Screengrab via Amazon

After serving a 48-hour ban, popular Twitch streamer Pokimane has had her channel unbanned on the platform.

Pokimane was banned late on Friday, Jan. 7 following a stream that involved broadcasting the Viacom CBS-owned TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender on her channel.

Streamers on Twitch have recently started the trend of watching TV and movies on the platform despite the looming threat of being banned due to DMCA violations. While there are methods for streamers to watch along with their audience, broadcasting content via Twitch is in violation of copyright.

Streamers who have watched copyrighted material on their channels in the past have begun deleting VODs from their streams to avoid punishment. In the case of Pokimane, however, this wasn’t enough to escape a ban.

Pokimane’s ban has sparked the conversation on Twitch DMCA policies once again, with some creators torn on whether or not they should or shouldn’t be streaming this content to their viewers. Others fear that this type of content puts the entire platform at risk.

Some of the platform’s most popular creators have continued to partake in this activity despite recent bans. It isn’t yet clear what Twitch plans to do should this trend continue.

As usual, Twitch hasn’t shared any information regarding Pokimane’s ban or regarding streamers broadcasting this content on their platform. It remains to be seen how long this practice will continue and if Twitch will bring down any further punishment to creators who violate its rules.