CallmeCarson is taking an indefinite break from streaming and YouTube

He's stepping back for a bit due to recent personal events and his own mental health.

Screengrab via Philip DeFranco

Popular YouTuber and streamer Carson “CallmeCarson” King announced today that he’s going on an indefinite hiatus from content creation due to some recent personal events and his own mental health.

The streamer said he recently started to take anti-depressants and has been going through “a whirlwind of emotion and pain in my personal life,” prompting this break. He also confirmed that he started seeing a counselor a few weeks ago, which should help with the problems he’s been dealing with.

At the end of February, Carson tweeted out that he was “gonna be done for a while.” Although not many people understood what that meant, it’s now clear that he was thinking about taking a break from YouTube and streaming for a bit.

Carson started his YouTube channel in 2014 and has garnered an impressive subscriber count of over 2.5 million people. His videos, centered around hilarious moments online with his friends, have gotten millions of views. His most-viewed YouTube video has almost 15 million views and features some popular YouTubers facing off against each other in a funny Discord spelling bee.

Many online personalities have had to take breaks due to burnout and other issues that arose during their career. YouTube megastar Pewdiepie, for example, took a month-long break at the start of 2020 to regroup and rest.