Blizzard despawns final boss midfight during world first attempt by Limit in WoW

That's not how that's supposed to happen.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Complexity Limit has spent more than 100 pulls in World of Warcraft trying to figure out how to defeat Ny’alotha’s final boss, N’Zoth, and in an attempt at figuring out how to handle the secret, mythic-only phase, the guild got creative.

When the hidden phase began, the Limit noticed that they had an opportunity to burn down the bosses health because he had no mechanics protecting him. He was just sitting idle around 70 percent health. 

The guild noticed this and took the bosses HP down to around 25 percent before going to, and completing the hidden phase. Upon returning to the boss, Limit saw N’Zoth vanish before their eyes, ruining their potential to kill the boss. 

Guild Master Maximum almost immediately realized that it wasn’t something that was supposed to happen. He and other members of the guild quickly became aware that their attempt had bugged in some way. They weren’t supposed to be able to take that huge chunk of health out of the boss before going to the secret phase. 

“Yeah, Blizzard just fucking flipped the switch,” Maximum said. 

No only was the group met with two giant menacing adds that had an enrage buff, but as the boss despawned, people began getting mind controlled, another one of the fights difficult to manage mechanics. 

On the very next pull, Limit found out the hard way exactly what was supposed to have happened on the pull in which they got the boss to 25% health when the “Eternal Torment” mechanic wiped the raid. 

During the secret phase, it appears as though, the group was supposed to use the gate to enter the Chamber of Heart before the Eternal Torment mechanic began, however with the phase not being tested in the PTR, there was maybe a thing or two not completely working as intended.

Maximum didn’t let the situation kill his spirits though. On Twitter, he said that he was happy with the way the day of progression went, even if they didn’t confirm the kill. 

“I am so proud of this guild just when I think we’re gonna hit a roadblock we keep rising up,” he said. “I don’t think we’ve ever been anywhere close to this good.  Literally 0 holdbacks constant progression all day.”

Despite not being able to down the boss last night, Limit still holds a notable lead over Method on the final boss. Method’s best pull saw the boss get to about 82 percent health. Not including the bugged pull, Limit was able to get N’Zoth down to 57 percent health and has made it past the secret phase.