AT&T partners with Twitch to create ‘Class of 2021’ creator program

Twitch and AT&T are on the hunt for 12 up-and-coming streamers.

Image via Twitch

AT&T and Twitch have announced their partnership to find and highlight the next generation of upcoming streamers. Deemed the ‘Class of 2021,’ the program seeks to find 12 streamers to sponsor. These selected content creators will receive both equipment, sponsors, and mentors.

The grand reveal of these 12 streamers is set to take place on Nov. 19. You can watch the live broadcast on AT&T’s official Twitch channel. The livestream will also be featured on Twitch’s homepage.

The streamers inducted into the Class of 2021 will receive mentorship from Andrea and Alexandra Botez of BotezLive, as well as SypherPK. These experienced streamers will provide insight and advice for the leaders of the ‘up-and-coming’ generation of content creators.

Additionally, the Class of 2021 will also be given a full stream studio setup sponsored by AT&T. The streamers will be featured on Twitch’s homepage and are set to make periodic appearances on AT&T’s Twitch channel as well.

Being selected for the Class of 2021 will certainly be beneficial to the selected content creators. The fully sponsored studio, mentorship from Twitch veterans, and sudden exposure across Twitch are incredible rewards. The live reveal is set to happen tomorrow, Nov. 19.