Asmongold’s dad shows up at the complete wrong time

Viewers sympathize with Asmongold's embarrassment.

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Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold recently fell victim to a classic blunder when his dad walked into his room at the wrong time.

Asmongold, one of Twitch’s most-viewed streamers, has amassed a wide audience. While he’s most known for his gameplay stream typically revolving around the MMORPG genre, the streamer’s natural charisma and growingly wider scope have brought about significantly more diverse content on his channel. Asmongold has been praised countless times by viewers for his storytelling ability and engaging dialog, something that has only grown more important to his channel as his brand has expanded.

During a recent broadcast, the veteran MMO player was in the middle of recounting a particularly personal story. Detailing a previous sexual experience, Asmongold told his chat about a woman who compared her tongue to a snake. Snickering to his chat, Asmongold was completely caught off guard by the sudden entrance of his dad in the background of his broadcast.

Entering the room to talk about something other than Asmongold’s compelling story, Asmongold quickly reached to mute his stream. Certainly horrified to learn his father potentially overheard his story, Asmongold’s bewildered face looked to his chat to see the reaction to the nearly perfectly timed comedic moment. Though the Twitch streamer managed to get through the short conversation with his dad, the streamer’s chat was in almost disbelief of the timing.

For many people, there has been at least one instance of a parent or similar figure walking into their room at the exact wrong time. It seems that being one of Twitch’s most-watched streamers seemingly does not deter this from happening.