Art streamer Saruei receives 3-day Twitch ban for sexually-suggestive illustration

Not again.

Image via Twitch

Art streamer Saruei received a three-day Twitch ban today for a sexually-suggestive illustration of Bremerton from Azur Lane.

The French artist is frustrated with the suspension, finding it ironic that streamers can broadcast the game on Twitch but she can’t draw characters from it.

“There are [sic] plenty of video games that show characters with the same amount of clothes or less,” Saruei said. “So does it also mean that artists can’t even do fan arts of these games during a livestream? It doesn’t make any [sic] fucking sense.”

Saruei claims the ban was for “content or camera focus on breasts, buttocks, or pelvic region, including poses that deliberately highlight these elements.” This coincides with Twitch’s Community Guidelines that prohibit any sexually-suggestive content from being broadcast live on the platform.

The streamer placed hearts in specific areas to make the drawing less suggestive. Saruei’s Twitch channel also has the mature content filter on before viewers wander into her stream. But Twitch still deemed the content inappropriate for live audiences.

This isn’t the first time the art streamer has been banned for lewd drawings. Saruei received another three-day suspension in September for drawing similar fan art.

Fans eager to see more stellar fan art can catch Saruei on her Twitch channel in three days.