Art streamer Saruei on her 3-day Twitch ban for lewd drawings: “I just want to understand what I did wrong”

The streamer clarified things with a tweet.

Image via Twitch

French streamer Saruei received a three-day ban for broadcasting herself drawing lewd and sexually-explicit illustrations. The streamer released a statement, sharing her exasperation with the situation.

Saruei addressed fans in a tweet yesterday, explaining her concern with Twitch’s obscure Community Guidelines.

The art streamer revealed the violation notice from Twitch, which explains the reason for the ban was for sharing “suggestive sexual content.” In response, Saruei explained that she’s been creating this type of content for over a year on Twitch and it was never an issue until now.

“My drawings are fan arts,” the streamer said. “The clothes that I draw on the characters are exactly the same as they are in the video game; which is allowed to be streamed on Twitch’s Platform… I just want to understand what I did wrong, and how the drawings are different from what I’ve drawn in the last year.”

Saruei’s reaction echoes the sentiments of many Twitch streamers who struggle to understand the platform’s ambiguous Terms of Service.

The French artist is frustrated with Twitch for banning her for suggestive illustrations while IRL streamers are “squatting in front of their webcam” and “show their ass while writing on the white panel behind them.”

The streamer has reached out to Twitch for a clear explanation of her ban but hasn’t received a response. Saruei plans on omitting any explicit details in her illustrations while broadcasting.