All Minecraft MC Championship (MCC) 13 teams

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more."

Screengrab via Noxcrew

The 13th iteration of the Minecraft Championship, scheduled for Dec. 12 at 2pm CT, will be the last MCC event of 2020. Noxcrew is looking to use the break afterward to improve the event even further by fixing bugs and implementing a new game mode.

The second season of MCC is planned to kick off around early 2021 and the team will share everything new about the event on its social media account.

Green Guardians, featuring GeorgeNotFound, TapL, WilburSoot, and Ph1lzA, took the crown at the last MCC event. The teams will be shuffled once again to increase the competitive spirit and randomness of the event. While previous champions will try their best to infuse their winning mentalities into their new teams, newcomers will strive to prove themselves.

The team names are also slightly changed this time around to capture the Christmas spirit. Here are all of the teams that will be participating in MC Championship 13.

Team Red Reindeer

Team Coral Carollers

Team Yellow Yetis

Team Mint Mistletoes

Team Emerald Elves

Team Cyan Candy Canes

Team Teal Turkeys

Team Sapphire Santas

Team Purple Penguins

Team Pink Presents

This article will be updated as more teams are confirmed.