Noxcrew says MC Minecraft Championship 13 will be the last event of 2020, introduces seasons to the series

The team will be taking some time off to recharge and work on the event for season two.

Image via Noxcrew

Noxcrew unveiled some of the future plans for the MC Minecraft Championship today, including the fact that MCC 13 will be the final event of 2020. 

MCC 13 will take place on Dec. 12. It’ll be the final tournament of 2020, as well as the last event of MCC season one. 

This doesn’t mean that MCC will be taking an extended hiatus for no reason, though. Noxcrew is going to take some time off during December and the months that follow to recharge. It will also be using that break to improve the MCC experience and make some changes that it’s wanted to implement for a while but couldn’t because of the time constraint between events. 

Noxcrew aims to fix some bugs, enhance various aspects of the event, and implement a new game mode into the MCC lineup before coming back in early 2021. 

The MCC team will still be around on social media talking about the changes and additions being made to the event. Highlight videos covering the best moments from season one will be edited and uploaded during the break. The MCC Training Server that lets players practice the game modes featured in the event will also be getting those updates as they roll out. 

MCC 13 begins on Dec. 12 with all 40 players required to wear holiday-themed skins while they compete in the last event of the season.