Adin Ross indefinitely banned on Twitch

The controversial star gets hit with his fifth ban.

Image via Instagram

Popular Twitch streamer and content creator Adin Ross has been banned on Twitch. While the exact reason for the ban and length is unknown, Ross has stated the ban is—for the time being—currently indefinite.

Adin Ross is among the most prolific streamers on Twitch, amassing a community of over four million followers and collaborating with countless other streamers. The star is well known for his FIFA and NBA 2K content and has also become synonymous with the community he has cultivated over the past two years.

On April 20, Ross’ Twitch channel became unavailable to access. This marks the fifth time Ross has been banned from the platform since starting his career nearly years ago, for reasons spanning from copyright infringement to reckless driving on-stream.

In a now-deleted tweet, Ross stated he was informed the ban was indefinite, however, he did not know the exact reason. According to Dexerto, Ross wrote “I got banned on twitch, indefinitely. I am not sure what I did though? I’m not sure what I did? It occurred on stream or on VOD? I don’t know man.”

While the reason for Adin Ross’ ban remains a mystery, many fans and critics have linked Ross’ ban to a recent video that surfaced of the streamer off his broadcast. Appearing on close friend YourRage’s stream, Ross was heard referring to another streamer as a homophobic slur, sparking outrage across Twitch.

While reasons for the Adin Ross ban are currently unknown, in the coming weeks we will likely find out exactly how long the Twitch star may remain off the platform.