‘A piece of s*** talking to a piece of s***’: Lirik has had enough with Twitch streamer drama

The streamer made his feelings on the subject incredibly clear.

Image via AT&T

The past week has been a cesspool of popular Twitch streamers attempting to air out one another’s dirty laundry, and while there are many creators that have tried to steer clear of the drama, it’s been difficult to avoid.

LIRIK, one of the platform’s well-known variety streamers, steered clear of commenting on all of the toxicity until today, when he finally broke his silence on stream by saying what many people have been thinking.

“It’s exhausting and stupid,” he said. “It reminds me of a bunch of people who have done shit things trying to talk to each other about who’s done shittier things, while trying to save themselves. So it’s like a piece of shit talking to a piece of shit about how their shit stinks more.”

The act of “farming drama” has been an increasingly used practice on Twitch among the platform’s top personalities over the past couple of years, following the rise of the Just Chatting category. Streamers playing up, or even fabricating, interpersonal controversies for the sake of creating enticing content has proven to be mutually beneficial in some instances, and it has at times blurred the line between what is genuine and what is “content.”

However, allegations this week that started with Trainwreck accusing Mizkif of covering up an alleged sexual assault incident pivoted the “farming of drama” to serious accusations and finger pointing among many high-profile creators.

Though LIRIK hasn’t been involved in any of these issues personally, he seems to believe that even the newfound levels of volatility will only reward what he sees as poor behavior. 

“People online eat it up because they also like eating shit,” he said. “It’s a lose-lose-lose, which then equates to a win because when they go live they get triple or quadruple the viewership because, at the end of the day, there’s no actual giving of a fuck.”