All bosses and their weaknesses in the Splatoon 3 campaign

These bosses really make their mark.

Image via Nintendo

Splatoon 3, the newest installment in Nintendo’s franchise, is bringing the heat with new enemies, bosses, and tons of customization that’ll leave an imprint in players’ minds. In the new Splatoon title, players have to battle it out against new enemies, terrain, and of course, new big bosses.

These enemies are tricky—they are the big Splatoon 3 bosses for a reason. Players can breathe a sigh of relief though, as we’ve got the ways to beat them.

Image via Nintendo

Splatoon 3 Bosses and Weaknesses

DJ Octavio

Image via Nintendo

With this metal menace, players will have to shoot back his flying fist as it hurls toward you. Shoot your ink at BJ’s fists, and make sure you dodge his drill punch. The drill punch will get lodged into the ground, giving players plenty of time to ink it up and send it back.

After a few punches, Octavio will fall out of his turntable, allowing players to land a few blows on the boss. He’ll then fly back into his metal armor and start to use an “ink vac”. Players must make sure he doesn’t suck up all your ink. You’ll have to do this while he hurls explosives in their direction, so look alive!

Octavio will also throw in some punches, just to throw off unsuspecting players. Repeat the process until you really tick Octavio off.

His next round of attacks will send out shockwaves. Octavio will shoot his fists, but as they land, players will have to jump over the shockwaves they send out.

Octavio will fall out of his metal suit three times before you can finish him.


Image via Nintendo

Frye releases a collection of eels players will have to ink. Each time she stops, players will have enough time to ink up the side of her cube and land a couple of blows. In her giant cube, she’ll dreidel spin towards players, firing off eels left and right.

After you hit her twice she’ll enter her next phase, second dance.

As she twirls, eels will fly around by her side. Players will have to shoot and take them out, one by one. Climb up her once more, then she’ll enter her last stage.

All the eels to have ever existed will fly around the edge of the ring. Splatoon 3 battlers will have to shoot ink at Frye’s horde, until they’re all gone.


Image via Nintendo

Accompanied by her shark pal, Shiver swims around the edges of the ring and shoots projectiles at players. Dodge these, but also be careful, as she’ll jump out of the water and fly across the ring.

She also attacks from below, so keep your eyes peeled.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage, Shiver will get beached inside the ring. Players will have to take advantage of her unfortunate situation and shoot like there’s no tomorrow. Her next move will be a tornado, where her shark is propelled towards different sides of the ring. They’ll build up their next attack as they jump from tornado to tornado. Shiver will shoot a massive water burst towards players, dealing deadly damage if it hits. 

After players hit her enough, she’ll land in the middle of the ring once more.

Rinse and repeat, until she’s beaten.

Big Man

Image via Nintendo

This giant manta ray deals damage underneath the ring. Players will have to shoot their ink at Big Man as he slips and slides below. As you shoot Big Man, he’ll split into smaller versions, and players will have to keep following the routine.

Each time he lands above the ring, players will have to unleash their full force against Big Man. Take advantage of his vulnerability.

The next stage involves raising platforms and missiles.

Dodge these missiles and keep shooting Big Man, and eventually, he’ll pop out of the ground one last time—that’s when you can finish off this tricky Splatoon 3 boss.

Mr Grizz

Image via Nintendo

This overgrown fur ball looks cuddly, but he is incredibly deadly. Players will chase Mr. Grizz onto his rocket and push towards him as it hurls into space.

Grab all the golden eggs as you inch closer to Mr. Grizz; these will help you get up close and personal. 

Mr. Grizz will fire sharp projectiles, covering the majority of the rocket. Prepare to slot in between them, as they come flying towards you. Target the spots on his belly, as these are his weak spots. As you’re shooting these spots, a prompt will appear telling players to throw a small fry at the area. This won’t kill him just yet, but it’ll inflict some damage. Players will have to repeat the process as this bear gets more and more cranky. Mr. Grizz will move around the rocket a few more times as players have to traverse dangerous areas to catch him. 

The next stage of this boss battle involves players steering the Octobot King. Users will have to “suck in the fuzzball,” while hopping in and out of the Octobot King to stop projectiles hurling toward you. 

Aim for his weak spots!

Repeat this process, until it’s completed, and Mr. Grizz is beaten.