Rocket League caster struck by lightning through their controller


Image via Psyonix

Rocket League is normally a fun and physically safe game for players. The cars may perform insane maneuvers on screen, but players are usually safe on their couch. One caster thought they were safe during a tournament yesterday but was unexpectedly struck by lightning through their controller. 

Jaime “Karma” Bickford, a professional Rocket League player and caster, was commentating over a tournament yesterday when the unexpected happened. Lightning apparently struck Karma’s house or a nearby location and it allegedly traveled to her controller and shocked her hands. A loud noise can be heard in the clip and Karma is clearly in pain and eventually steps away from her computer. 

Karma eventually returned and explained that there were bad thunderstorms in the area and lightning struck her house. The electric surge traveled through her controller and shocked her hands, causing a significant amount of pain. She explained that she was fine but her hands were burned and her controller was destroyed. 

Karma eventually went to the doctor who confirmed both hands were burned from the shock. Some fans said she’s lucky she wasn’t injured further, while others claim she’s unlucky for being struck by lightning in her own home. 

A lot of players shared their stories of lightning frying their electronics during a storm and that they recommend unplugging them as a precaution. Being inside during a storm doesn’t guarantee safety, which Karma unfortunately learned the hard way.