How to rank up quickly in Rocket League

Practice, practice, and practice.

Image vis Psyonix

Video games with rank ladders are not a joke. Sometimes, it will take you hours, days, weeks, months, or even years to achieve your desired rank no matter how well you can do. It’s really a matter of grinding, though being mechanically gifted with the game you are playing is a very big advantage.

But perseverance is definitely one of the biggest keys for a player to climb up the ranks in a game he or she plays. And that is also the case in Rocket League, wherein playing hard every match no matter the result would be the best attitude.

Of course, if you are more consistent and win the majority of your games, then you can rank up faster in Rocket League. There is no instant way of doing it or a guaranteed way that you can always triumph in all of your matches. It will always depend on your individual skill, will to win, willingness to become a team player, and right attitude.

But again, at the end of the day, it is a battle of skills, team coordination, and a bit of luck on the side. Though there may be certain ways that can help you achieve your desired Rocket League rank quickly. And we are glad to help you achieve your goal through these tips.

Grab the weekly bonus

As you win matches in Rocket League, there will be corresponding experience points (EXP) gained depending on your current rank and performance in that match. But there is a weekly win bonus you can get, amounting to 2500 experience points to be exact.

Just remember that there are only 21 bonuses available per week. Take advantage of this as you grind and play your matches to possibly rank up faster. The more you play, the higher the chance rewards like these will be sent out to you.

Finish the weekly and season challenges

Aside from the weekly bonus EXP you can gain, a bigger pool of points is available when you finish the weekly challenge rewards. These are only three per week but can give you 10,000 to 15,000 EXP. Season challenges are also present where you can get 10,000 to 20,000 EXP, though again, it’s every season and not as frequent as the weekly one.

Also, more rewards can be notched by Rocket Pass Premium holders since they can accomplish up to six challenges per week, doubling up the EXP they can get. But remember, this is not a pay-to-win game. There are just some perks that, you know, are being given to someone who would spend more in the game. But it won’t completely destroy the overall competitive side of things.

Coordinate with your teammates

Rocket League is a team game. A team consists of three players trying to score as many goals as possible against the opposing goal using the Battle-Cars in the game. And it is a must that there should be proper team coordination to at least score goals, but of course, to win a match at the end.

But Rocket League isn’t all just about goals. If your aim is not that good, then you can be the main defender of the game. You can also become a good passer to set up your teammate who you can lean on when it comes to the goals. Use the chat or voice chat functions to at least know a bit of your game plan. Teamwork makes the dream work, my friend.

Have a proper composure and a positive outlook

There are two sides in every Rocket League match – either you win, or you lose. And as mentioned earlier, you cannot always have the victory in every match you play. A single mistake or a simple lack of something can cost you the win. But always look on the brighter side, always.

Losing may open up a lot of things after you play. It can lead to your assessment of what mistakes you made or if there is something that you lack from your teammates. Don’t let your match loss affect your overall vibe. It can really impact your grind, causing downward momentum that can be seen in your next match results.

Play during double EXP weekends

On the more concrete side of things, playing during double EXP weekends can really help you rank up faster. The amount of EXP you can get during these days could skyrocket you quickly, especially if you are still in the lower ranks.

Take note that not all weekends provide the double EXP advantage. But if you can play whenever Psyonix would do so, then that is a really great opportunity to maximize the earnings you can get. Who wouldn’t want bonuses that can be this big?

Practice makes perfect

This may actually sound vague but in any craft someone is trying to master, practice is the key to success. This is also the main factor why professional Rocket League players are made, no matter how technically gifted or skilled they are.

Consider the fundamentals of the game, such as dribbling, defending, passing, and your aim to goal. That is why Psyonix made the Practice, Freeplay, and Casual Play modes to create an environment wherein there is not too much risk. Though playing Ranked is where you can test things, it is also where the pros train themselves to become the best. No one is literally perfect, but practice makes legends.

These tips should help your gaming experience and help you achieve the highest Rocket League rank you possibly can.