Ubisoft looks to bolster grassroots R6 esports with new tournament licensing platform

Process streamlined.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft is hoping to “streamline the process” for tournament organizers to host grassroots R6 Siege events in the near future thanks to its newly introduced tournament licensing platform, the developer announced today.

Any organizer that looks to host an event for R6 Siege needs a license, and the new platform hosted on the R6 Esports website is designed to make the process of acquiring one more efficient. The highest level of R6 Siege competition is already managed by Ubisoft itself and operated by some of the largest tournament organizers in ESL and FACEIT, namely in the form of the official Regional Leagues, Six Majors, and the yearly Six Invitational.

The goal for Ubisoft appears to be keeping the grassroots tournaments small since organizers applying for a Community License must have a total prize pool no larger than $10,000. The total sponsor compensation must also be less than $10,000, and the tournament must be run non-profit. Ubisoft also offers a Custom License for events that don’t fit that criteria, but applying for that license isn’t a feature available on the platform yet and Custom License applications are subject to manual review.

The R6 Esports team plans to make Custom Licenses available for “larger scale tournaments” in the future and also support “other Ubisoft competitive games.” Some of the other esports titles published by Ubisoft include Brawlhalla, TrackMania, and future titles such as XDefiant.

Organizers and events that receive a license to host R6 Siege tournaments will receive a “tournament kit with useful content and guidelines” to help smaller organizers put on a successful event.

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