Rainbow Six Siege logs over 60 million players across all platforms

The game attracts millions of players daily and is still growing.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege has developed a core following and player base since it was released in 2015. And today, Ubisoft confirmed that number has reached over 60 million players across all platforms.

Siege is a tactical first-person shooter that features dozens of unique operators. Each operator has a unique gadget or ability that gives players an advantage in various situations. Operators are classified as attackers or defenders, and players must utilize each character’s ability to defend sites or to take objectives. 

New Operators are introduced throughout the year in individual seasons. Throughout most of the first five years of Siege, two new operators have been introduced each season. Recently, however, Ubisoft announced that only one new operator will be released in the last two seasons of Year 5 and that existing characters will receive an update in place of a second new operator. 

The first operator receiving a rework is Tachanka, a large operator known for his slow speed and lackluster turret. Multiplayer maps also receive updates periodically, and Skyscraper and Chalet are the next in line for a rework. 

Rainbow Six Siege also has a growing esports scene that recently established individual leagues in Europe, North America, and the Asian-pacific territory. The best teams in each league will face off at the annual Six Invitational and fight for a shot at the title. 

Ubisoft seems to have big plans for Rainbow Six Siege still, and fans will likely continue to receive updates and new content. If you are looking for a new first-person shooter to enjoy, Siege is a solid choice.