PiXeL departs Luminosity Gaming after poor showing at R6 DreamHack Montreal

PiXeL enjoyed a short-lived run in the Pro League.

Image via Ubisoft

After a lackluster performance at the Rainbow Six Siege DremaHack Montreal Minor, Luminosity Gaming dropped Muteeb “PiXeL” Chaudary. 

PiXeL was added to the then ‘92 Dream Team roster after the departure of Adam “Drip” Kolodkin in June. Luminosity Gaming stepped in shortly after the removal of Drip to sign the remaining ‘92 Dream Team roster. The team was initially praised for their hyper-aggressive playstyle and ability to rattle their opponents. Luminosity got off to a hot start in season 10 of the Pro League with wins over DarkZero Esports and Team Reciprocity. That initial hot streak has since cooled and other teams in and out of the division seem to have Luminosity’s number. 

Luminosity fell to BDS Esport in their elimination match during the group stage of the DreamHack Montreal Minor. The loss may look bad on paper considering that BDS is an EU Challenger team, but their roster is stacked with former Pro League talent. BDS are no slouches and showed fans as much when they showed G2 Esports the door during their decider match at the close of the group stage. G2 had never been ejected in a group stage before, which says quite a lot about the level of talent that Luminosity faced in their elimination matchup. 

While PiXeL’s run in the Pro League was short-lived, the now-former pro will still be looking to re-enter the league as soon as possible, according to his TwitLonger post. North American Challenger League may not be as competitive as the European division’s Challenger League, but it’s still an insanely difficult slog to get through. Even after placing in the finals, said Challenger team would have to compete in relegations in order to qualify for a Pro League slot. It’ll take a lot of work but PiXeL’s Pro League experience may aid him while he braves the Challenger League gauntlet.

The Rainbow Six Siege Pro League returns Monday, Sept. 16. Fans can catch the official broadcast here.