Hungry and Goga move to Team Vitality ahead of Pro League season 11

Vitality makes some big moves.

Image via Ubisoft

The close of season 10 saw some staple players and teams dropped from the Rainbow Six Pro League. Now it looks like a few veterans will be returning for season 11. 

Lucas “Hungry” Reich and Daniel “Goga” Mazorra Romero both exited the Pro League at the close of season 10. While both players left the league under different circumstances, they will be returning for season 11 on Team Vitality. 

Hungry had previously played under PENTA before the team fell into a relegation slot in the European division. PENTA were unable to fend off new Russian giant ForZe and were demoted to the Challenger League. The team had also suffered some staffing woes after coach and analyst Jess Bolden very publicly departed the organization. Now, Hungry will join Vitality alongside former G2 Esports member Goga. 

Many fans decried the choice to drop Goga from the G2 roster due to his solid support play and overall ability as a fragger when push came to shove. The well-liked player announced today that he too would be joining Vitality following nearly a month of silence on the topic. 

The addition of both Goga and Hungry means that Jordan “Quual” Leroy and Martin “Spark” Eberhard have been benched. Following a middle of the road performance in the team’s return to the Pro League, the organization was clearly in need of a change. Picking up Goga and Hungry makes Vitality an interesting team to watch heading into 2020. Goga is often hailed as one of the best support players in the esport, while Hungry is praised for one of the fastest aces in the history of the esport. 

The Rainbow Six Pro League returns Jan. 6 for season 11. Fans can catch the official first broadcast here