How to upgrade Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

You'll need to level up to face bigger threats.

Image via Ubisoft

While your skills play an important role when it comes to succeeding in Rainbow Six Extraction, choosing the right Operator for the mission also plays an important role. Even if you have the best aim, you can get stuck in a mission just because you picked an unsuitable Operator.

In addition to picking the best Operators for the job, you’ll also need to upgrade them. If you neglect to upgrade your Operations in Rainbow Six Extraction, you may find it difficult to advance through its tougher stages. Upgrades allow players to power up their Operator’s abilities, weapons, and gadgets.

Here’s how you can upgrade your Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.

How can you upgrade Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Players can upgrade Operators by successfully completing their missions in Rainbow Six Extraction. The more missions you complete, the faster you’ll be able to upgrade your Operators. The number of Archæans you kill will also be a factor and killing more will help you get upgrades faster.

If you’re looking to perform as many upgrades as possible in the shortest amount of time, you’ll need to optimize your gameplay in Rainbow Six Extraction. Try not to lose any operators during missions even if it means skipping out on extra objectives. If you lose an Operator during an extra objective, it just won’t be worth your time.

To free a lost Operator, you’ll need to replay that mission. When a lost Operator returns, they’ll lose a level, and players will need to let them heal until they get back to fighting shape.

When you start a mission, you’ll also receive several side objectives, and completing them will reward you with XP. The XP rewards for these will be small, but they all add up.