Here are all the updates in Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1

Siege players have a lot of new content to enjoy.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is receiving a massive amount of content and updates in Year Seven Season One. Players can enjoy the new Operator Azami and the new map Emerald Plain later this season. Attacker Repick, Team Deathmatch, and Ranked Player Protection are also coming at launch alongside other updates like Goyo’s ability rework and the R6Fix incentive program. 

Season One introduces Azami, the new Defender with a unique kunai called the Kiba Barrier. This gadget deploys a bulletproof barrier when it hits a surface, helping players set up a defensive wall almost instantly. The Kiba Barrier can cover windows, doorways, and holes in the ceilings or floors to create a new form of vertical protection. 

Azami is a medium-speed, medium-health Operator equipped with either a 9X19SVN or ACS12 as her primary weapon. She has the D-50 as her secondary weapon and can dish out substantial damage. 

Players can also expect Season One to introduce the first new map in three years: Emerald Plain. The new map takes place in an estate in Ireland where the wealthy elite congregate to conduct business deals away from the public. The new map will first appear in the Test Server before coming to the live client later this season. 

Siege fans can also enjoy a new casual game mode in the new season: Team Deathmatch. The new mode allows players to participate in five-minute matches or until one team secures 75 eliminations. Players can use any operator regardless of their team and switch operators during the game. Shield operators aren’t available in the mode, and unique operator abilities besides Glaz’s are also unavailable. Theme Park, Villa, and Favela will be the first maps included in the Team Deathmatch rotation. 

Another significant update, Attacker Repick, is also coming in Season One. Attackers can now swap their operators during the Preparation Phase after gathering intel. This can help teams adjust their strategies as needed to counter specific abilities or operators. This new feature will be available in Quick Match, Unranked, Ranked, and Pro League Playlists. 

All primary weapons and select secondary weapons now have access to all non-magnifying sights besides the DP27 custom reflex. Weapons that have access to the 2.5x scope also now have access to both variants. 

Goyo’s Volcán Shield has been replaced with the Volcán Canister. The Siege developers believed Goyo’s previous ability was challenging for Attackers to counter, and the changes should balance the ability without nerfing it into the ground. The new canister can be placed on the floor or walls and removes the shield. The canister is partially protected and still explodes when shot, although the explosion does less damage. But the fire burns foes longer than before, however, helping prevent enemies from entering an area. 

The Ranked playlist is receiving a major update in the form of Player Protection in Season One. Players must link a phone number to their Ubisoft account to queue ranked in Season One, dealing with smurfs and cheaters returning after being banned. Siege players can add their phone numbers to their accounts through Ubisoft Connect.  

Console players can now enjoy Match Replay, allowing them to review two hours of footage or 12 matches. This option has been available on PC for a while, and console players can finally enjoy the same benefits. 

Demon Veil also made using R6Fix more rewarding. Players can receive rewards through a new incentive program. The new program rewards players for reporting issues that reach the “Under Investigation” status in R6Fix. The rewards will be issued during the following season’s Test Server. Here are the reward tiers for the new program:

  • Cosmetic: three Alpha Packs (One Rare, One Epic, One Legendary)
  • Playable: Six Alpha Packs (Two Rare, Two Epic, Two Legendary)
  • Hardly Playable: Nine Alpha Packs (Three Rare, Three Epic, Three Legendary)
  • Critical: 12 Alpha Packs (Four Rare, Four Epic, Four Legendary)

As with every new season, Season One will introduce reduced prices for specific Operators. Mozzie and Gridlock will now cost 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits. Oryx and Iana will cost 15,000 Renon or 360 Credits, and Flores will cost 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 Credits. 

Fans can also expect a new seasonal weapon skin. Players can grab the Covert Ending Bundle to unlock the Sleek Lethality weapon skin and the Yakuyoke charm. These new skins will be available at the launch of Season One. 

Season One Demon Veil launches on Feb 21.