When does PUBG Season 4 end?

Season Five is just around the corner.

Image via PUBG Corp
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PUBG‘s fourth season is coming to a close. Fans have only a few hours before the season ends to finish leveling up their Survivor Pass and ranking up in the game’s Survivor Title System before Season Five introduces a slew of changes to the battle royale.

Season Four ends tomorrow, Oct. 22 at 4am CT. Once the season ends, Season Five will kick off on PC servers the following day. Rewards for season four’s Survivor Title System will arrive in players’ accounts alongside the launch of the new season, and SP will undergo a soft reset.

The new season will introduce a myriad of changes, starting with the update to Miramar. The desert-themed map will feature a new area named the A La Muerto Vamos racetrack for players to explore. The track will be full of ramps, loops, and other similar structures.

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Once the update goes live, players will begin seeing vending machines randomly spawn in Miramar’s Arenas, Casino, gas stations, motels, and commercial buildings. The vending machines will drop painkillers and energy drinks. If shot at, the item dispensers will reveal the location of any nearby players with “cutting-edge anti-theft technology.”

The season launches with a new Survivor Pass named Badlands. Players will be able to complete Miramar-themed missions to unlock a variety of new and exclusive rewards, including character and weapon cosmetics, emotes, and BP.

Season Five hits PC servers on Oct. 23 and will arrive on consoles Oct. 29. Fans can read about all of the changes coming to the game with the new season from the test server’s PC Update 5.1 notes.