PUBG Mobile season 12 celebrates 2-year anniversary

Other new features will be introduced on March 12.

Image via Tencent

Three days before the celebration of PUBG Mobile’s two-year anniversary with a special event, an update introduced season 12, called “2gether We Play,” alongside its Royale Pass earlier today.

While season 12 kicked off today in PUBG Mobile, the celebration event will start on March 12. The game was officially released on March 19, 2018, one year after the PC version of the game that made battle royale titles household names.

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Several new cosmetic items with vibrant colors can be bought in the shop or earned in special crates. The new Royale Pass is also live and can be purchased with a discount for players who didn’t buy it for other seasons. It’ll be available until May 11.

Screengrab via PUBG Mobile

Players can also team up with friends to earn up to six rewards, which include crate tickets, until March 22. Meanwhile, they can play three arcade modes: Hardcore Mode, Quick Match, and Sniper Training.

Season 12 brings new rewards for high-ranked players, while season 11 ranked players received their rewards earlier today.

Every player who reaches the Gold tier or above and plays five games in it before the end of the newest season will receive exclusive cosmetic items with a cybernetic theme.

Screengrab via PUBG Mobile

New cosmetics and other items aren’t the only changes brought by the update, though. Improvements were made to the purchase and upgrade interface and support for exclusive vouchers was added.

More new features will be revealed for PUBG Mobile‘s two-year anniversary in the coming weeks. On March 12, an update will bring a celebration mode and the long-awaited death replay feature, as well as changes to Erangel with an amusement park mode and an artic mode.

Season 12 will last three months and end in May.