Pokémon TCG set Battle Styles available now

Prepare to battle with Single or Rapid Strikes.

Image via The Pokemon Company

The newest Pokémon TCG set, Battle Styles, is officially available, bringing with it two new distinct Pokémon variants that should provide a unique change to the game’s current format. 

Inspired by Urshifu and its two different forms, Battle Styles features Single Strike Style, which focuses on powerful attacks that deal massive damage right away, and Rapid Strike Style, which uses sneaky, technical attacks that allow a player to attack their opponent in a variety of ways.

These styles come in the form of 60 different Pokémon cards that are listed as either Single Strike or Rapid Strike. In total, Battle Styles is adding 183 new cards.

Here’s how everything breaks down.

  • 60 Battle Style cards
  • 12 new Pokémon V and 16 full-art Pokémon V
  • Six Pokémon VMAX 
  • 19 Trainer cards and six full-art Supporter cards
  • Two Special Energy cards

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You can expect several of the more powerful cards in the set to see immediate use in competitive play. Collectors will also enjoy some of the rarer cards, especially the various looks of Urshifu V and Urshifu VMAX.