New Pokémon Go update brings changes to spawn locations

Niantic is implementing a few new changes.

Image via Niantic

In the latest Pokémon Go update, Niantic has shuffled the locations in which Pokémon can appear around you in the wild. 

The developers are making it so the normal locations where Pokémon can be found will change more often, with current details pointing to at least a few changes happening every month. 

Niantic said these changes are being made to reflect the efforts of trainers who have explored the world while playing Pokémon Go, trying to capture some of that feeling while the world continues to change in current times. 

“To ensure that all Trainers around the world have an exciting experience and improved access to gameplay, Trainers may now encounter Pokémon in more places than before,” Niantic said. “There were also some areas of the world where Pokémon may have been more densely populated. In these places, Pokémon should now be more spread out.”

This migration of Pokémon is more or less doubling the locations where certain species of Pokémon can be found in the wild. Encounter rates might also shoot up slightly in areas that are further away from PokéStops, such as more rural locations. 

“While listening to community feedback, we look for ways to improve our game and strengthen the relationship that Trainers have with the world around them,” Niantic said. “Most recently, our focus has been dedicated to improving the experience of Trainers who live and play in areas of the world that may not have as many PokéStops or Pokémon to encounter as others.”

The developers are also pushing players to continue reviewing nominations for PokéStops and gyms as they try to place them in new locations around the world.