How to defeat Sierra in Pokémon Go – August 2020

Rally your teams for one of Team Rocket's captains.

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As players take on Team GO Rocket Grunts in Pokémon Go, they’ll receive items called Mysterious Components that piece together to make a tracker used to hunt down Team Rocket’s three captains: Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra.

You will use six of the Mysterious Components to craft an item called the Rocket Radar, which can be equipped from your bag and will lead you to the Rocket leaders.

With all of the Rocket Balloons floating around the overworld, you can also use the Rocket Radar to spawn all three leaders.

Each captain has a different team comprised of three Pokémon. Which Pokémon will be on the team is randomized, but there are a limited number of possibilities for each captain. While the three bosses may seem difficult at first, those who are well-prepared heading into the match will have no problem taking down the Team Rocket leaders.

So here’s everything you need to know about GO Rocket leader Sierra and her Pokémon.

First Pokémon


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Sierra’s first Pokémon will always be Lapras, a Water and Ice-type with access to Water, Ice, and Normal-type moves. To counter Lapras, fans of the game may want to consider bringing Fighting or Electric-type Pokémon such as Conkeldurr or Jolteon.

Second Pokémon

There are three potential Pokémon who could appear as Sierra’s second team member:


Lapras also has a chance to show up in Sierra’s second slot, though that just means you should have an easier time taking down a second Water/Ice-type with the same strategy as your opening.


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Next up on the list of possibilities: Sharpedo. The Hoenn Pokémon is a Water and Dark-type that also has access to Poison-type moves. Like most Water-types, Sharpedo is weak to Electric and Grass-type moves but is also weak to Fighting, Fairy, and Bug attacks due to its Dark-typing. The best Pokémon to bring to counter Sharpedo include Conkeldurr or Raikou.


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Exeggutor is the final possibility for Sierra’s second Pokémon. Exeggutor is a Grass and Psychic-type and is thus four-times weak to Bug-type attacks. Players should consider bringing a strong Bug Pokémon like Scizor but can also bring Pokémon with Flying, Fire, Ice, or Ghost attacks.

Third Pokémon  


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Shiftry is a Grass and Dark-type Pokémon from the Hoenn region. Despite its typing, Shiftry also has access to Flying-type moves. Like Exeggutor, Shiftry is four-times weak to Bug attacks but is also susceptible to Fighting, Fire, and Ice-type moves.


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Yet another Dark-type makes Sierra’s list—this time from the Johto region. Houndoom is a Fire and Dark-type, making it weak to Water, Ground, Rock, and Fighting Pokémon. Conkeldurr is another solid option to choose when facing Houndoom, although Pokémon like Gyarados, Swampert, and Machamp will easily get the job done.


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The final possibility for Sierra’s team is Alakazam, a Psychic-type from the Kanto region. Alakazam has access to Psychic, Fairy, Ghost, and even Fighting-type moves and is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost attacks. Scizor is again a good choice against Alakazam, but other Pokémon like Tyranitar, Hydreigon, or Weavile are all strong picks.