How to beat Arlo in Pokémon Go – May 2021

Prepare for trouble, trainers.

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Team Go Rocket has long been a part of trainers’ journeys in Pokémon Go.

But as players fight through the evil organization’s ranks, they’ll meet three Team Rocket Captains: Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra. Each of the captains has a few different Pokémon on their team and require careful planning for players looking to stop the Rockets in their tracks.

As players take on the various Go Rocket Grunts in Pokémon Go, they’ll receive items called Mysterious Components that piece together to make a tracker used to locate the ring leaders. You will use six of the Mysterious Components to craft an item called the Rocket Radar, which can be equipped from your bag and will lead you to the Rocket leaders.

Prepare for trouble, trainers. Those who plan carefully, however, should have an easy time taking down each of the captains. Here’s everything you need to know about Rocket leader Arlo’s team in Pokémon Go.

First Pokémon


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Matching his character, Arlo is going to lead with the Psychic/Steel-type Beldum, which is one of the easiest Pokémon to counters since it only has access to Take Down and other Normal-type attacks at this stage. Simply bring a Fire, Ground, or Ghost-type and you should be able to handle the Iron Ball Pokémon.

Second Pokémon

There are three different possibilities Arlo could have for his second Pokémon:


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Moving from a non-threatning Psychic-type to one of the most threatning, Gardevoir hits like a truck and some decent coverage with Charge Beam and Shadow Ball added to its Psychic/Fairy-type movepool.

You can use a Steel-type to handle it quickly, but the remainder of Arlo’s team doesn’t flinch at the prospect of facing down that typing. You are best off using a Gengar, or a Deoxys if you have one handy since they both can be useful against his other options, too.


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The reason you don’t want to rely on Steel-types starts with Arlo’s Infernape, which can put a serious dent in them with Fire or Fighting-type moves. Deoxys and Gengar are both great options to tackle the Flame Pokémon, but you can also use Water or Ground-types as long as you are aware that Infernape does have access to Solar Beam.


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Holding down Arlo’s signature Steel-type slot in his second lineup is Aggron, a bulky Steel/Rock-type that can put the hurt on any Pokémon that isn’t ready to take a hit.

It has access to Electric, Dragon, and Steel moves, so don’t walk in unprepared with just any Water-type to counter it. You should be fine with a Fighting or Ground-type though.

Third Pokémon

Likewise, Arlo has the potential to have one of three Pokémon for his final team member, including two that players should be very familiar with by now.


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Salamence is the first possibility for Arlo’s third Pokémon. The Flying/Dragon-type has access to multiple moves that can really decimate a team, like Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, and Draco Meteor. Despite potentially having Fire Blast, you should still try and use Ice-types or Pokémon with Ice-type moves to take it down because they will also help against his next option.


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Armaldo is a Rock/Bug-type that is also weak to Ice-types and can’t really touch Water-types much since it only has Bug, Rock, Water, and Poison moves in its arsenal. Using those to your advantage should make this the easiest of Arlo’s three options to handle.


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Another returning Pokémon and Arlo’s Steel-type ace, Scizor is fast and hits like a truck with moves like Iron Head and X-Scissor.

The good news is, any decent Fire-type Pokémon can beat it and as long as your Pokémon resists Bug, Steel, or Dark-type attacks, you should be good. Its Bug and Steel-typing makes it four-times weak to Fire-types, so getting the job done is easy for Pokémon like Emboar or Blaziken that resist all of its offensive options.