How to complete the Bug Out 2022 Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

This challenge might bug you a bit.

Image via Niantic

The swarm is here and that means an increased number of Bug-type Pokémon are appearing in Pokémon Go from Aug. 10 to 16 as part of the Bug Out 2022 event. 

As part of this event, Grubbin, Charjabug, and Vikavolt are all appearing for the first time. Additionally, Genesect with a Chill Drive and Mega Scizor are popping up in raids for players around the world. 

There are plenty of other returning bugs for players to catch too, like Skorupi, Joltik, Dewpider, and even Venipede, which can also be Shiny for the first time during this event. Pansage is also appearing for some reason, though fans who missed out on catching the Grass-type won’t be complaining. 

As part of this Bug-type swarm, players have a lengthy Collection Challenge available to complete, which involves more than just catching certain Pokémon like most other events. And for anyone who is capable of completing it, you can grab a Bug Catcher avatar pose along with plenty of XP for your troubles. 

If you plan to tackle the Bug Out infestation, here are all of the Collection Challenge requirements and rewards. 

All tasks and rewards for Pokémon Go Bug Out 2022 Collection Challenge

  • Catch a Caterpie
  • Catch a Weedle
  • Catch a Wurmple
  • Catch a Grubbin
  • Catch a Dewpider
  • Catch a Joltik
  • Catch a Karrablast
  • Catch a Shelmet
  • Evolve a Wurmple into Silcoon
  • Evolve a Wurmple into Cascoon
  • Evolve a Spinarak into Ariados
  • Evolve a Ledyba into Ledian
  • Evolve a Kricketot into Kricketune
  • Evolve a Grubbin into Charjabug
  • Catch a Skorupi
  • Catch a Pineco

Total rewards: 15,000 XP and Bug Catcher pose

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