Everything you need to know about the Grand Underground Diglett bonus in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Digletts have a big role in the Grand Underground

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Once you get to Eterna City and you start exploring the Grand Underground in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, it may seem like a lot of information is presented to you very quickly and without much depth. The game doesn’t explain thoroughly what the Diglett bonus does or what it means.

Although it may seem confusing at first, the Diglett bonus can be a handy way to increase your luck and receive better items. Here’s what the Diglett bonus does in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Filling up the Diglett gauge

When you start running around the Grand Underground, you may see Diglett and Dugtrio hanging around at corners and intersections of the map. When you come near them, they’ll start to run and will leave behind pink glitter. If you pick up that glitter, the count on the top left corner of the map will go up one. Once the gauge hits 40, the Diglett bonus will become active.

The counter is representative of all online players’ pickups, not just your own. Once the gauge is full, you’ll get a notification saying something good might happen.

What happens when the Diglett gauge is full?

Once the Diglett gauge is full, a few things will happen to the Grand Underground. First, for those who are digging in the mines, there will be an increased chance to find a Gorgeous Stone Box that contains a Shiny Statue. Shiny Statues can be used in the game to increase the chance of finding that type of Pokémon in the Grand Underground.

You can check the little orb to the right of your Secret Base’s entrance to see what effect your statues are having on the Grand Underground. The more statues of the same type you have in your Secret Base, the more likely it is those types of Pokémon start showing up.

One tip to maximize your time when digging in the Grand Underground when the Diglett bonus is active is to end your digging as soon as you uncover the Gorgeous Stone Box. That way, you can move on to the next one quickly and get as many as you can during the bonus.

In addition to the increase in Gorgeous Stone Boxes, the bonus also improves players’ chances to find Shiny Pokémon in the Grand Underground when it is active. If you are in a room when the bonus activates, make sure to exit the room and then re-enter, since the game determines if a Grand Underground Pokémon is Shiny as soon as you enter the room.

The bonus is only active for four minutes, and although it doesn’t seem like much, it comes around fairly often if you are in an online Grand Underground where other trainers are finding them.

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