Here are all of the McDonald’s Pokémon cards values 2022

Some cards are already going for a fair bit of money.

Image via The Pokémon Company

McDonald’s is running another Happy Meal Pokémon promotion in 2022 after last year’s successful campaign that sent card collectors into a frenzy, causing supply issues globally due to the hype around the cards.

Last year, the 2021 set featured a small pack of Pokémon cards in Happy Meals for a limited time. At that point in the year, influencers and YouTube stars created so much hype around the cards and their value that it caused scalpers to wipe out stock of the cards.

This year, another campaign for the Pokémon cards is planned to begin in the U.S. on Aug. 9, and the campaign is already live in the UK and Canada. In the U.S., between Aug. 9 and Sept. 26, anyone who purchases a Happy Meal at McDonald’s will receive a four-card pack, a special coin, and a “Match Battle” toy.

Image via PokeBeach

All four of the cards in the card pack will be printed on “confetti holofoil”, according to PokeBeach. Some of the cards have already started popping up on Ebay, so those who are avid collectors are looking to see what the value of some of these cards are worth.

Although the card values are not up on TCG Player yet, some of the cards can be valued based on their prices on Ebay. Complete sets are going for between $40 and $50 so far, and individual packs are going for anywhere between $1.50 and $6 ahead of the U.S. promotion.

Below is a list of values for the cards that have been individually listed on Ebay so far. This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

  • Bewear – $1.81
  • Chinchou – $1.20
  • Cutiefly – $1.21
  • Drampa – $1.81
  • Flaaffy – $1.81
  • Gossifleur – $2.41
  • Growlithe – $4.83
  • Lapras – $1.81
  • Ledyba – $1.81
  • Pangoro – $1.21
  • Pikachu – Multiple listings – $7-8
  • Rowlet – Multiple listings – $3-5
  • Smeargle – Multiple listings – $2-6
  • Tynamo – $1.21
  • Victini – Multiple listings – $4-7