Vancouver Titans win first 2021 Overwatch League season match

With a shocking 3-0 sweep over the Boston Uprising, the team also delivered fabled free breadsticks to fans.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s been a long, difficult Overwatch League season for the Vancouver Titans, but these gamers have finally acquired some bread. 

With a 3-0 sweep over the Boston Uprising, the team secured its first win of the 2021 season and its first victory in nearly a year. While the struggling franchise is unlikely to make the league’s postseason with a 1-12 record, they’ve finally delivered one big boon to fans: free breadsticks. 

Over the past few months, fans of the Vancouver Titans have been waiting for the team to earn free breadsticks by way of Pizza Hut Canada. What began as a simple sponsor collaboration quickly turned into one of the most entertaining storylines of the 2021 season. 

By the end of the first map against the Boston Uprising, the Titans had already secured breadsticks thanks to a Wrecking Ball Piledriver kill and a double Pulse Bomb elimination from DPS Dalton Bennyhoff. Dalton was Vancouver’s savior throughout the series, using his signature Tracer to destroy Boston’s Orisa-focused composition. He earned the title of Player of the Match for his efforts.

Vancouver capitalized on Boston’s slow-moving comps with high-damage Pharah attacks on Hanamura, the series’ final map. Though the Uprising battled back, forcing the map to a fifth round, a lack of adjustments from the defenders allowed the Titans to push through and take that first victory.  

Interestingly, the Vancouver Titans’ last Overwatch League victory was nearly a year ago in August 2020 and it was also a 3-0 series against the Boston Uprising. The team plays the Washington Justice next on Aug. 8.