Unlock Ashe’s golden weapon to get a gilded B.O.B.

Golden B.O.B. is on the Overwatch test server now.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

New Overwatch hero Ashe’s big omnic butler is getting an upgrade—at least, for players who buy the hero’s golden weapon on the game’s test server.

The change was uploaded to Overwatch’s PTR with a bunch of other hero alterations last night. Bastion, Brigitte, Soldier: 76, and more received a range of buffs and nerfs with the new update, but it’s B.O.B. that got the biggest upgrade of all: A big, gilded body. On Overwatch’s live server, Ashe’s golden weapons only apply to her two guns and dynamite, but the test server change adds B.O.B., her ultimate ability and companion, to the golden weapon list.

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B.O.B. is, technically, a weapon used by Ashe in Overwatch, so it makes sense that his big omnic body would be turned to gold with the golden weapon upgrade. And for Overwatch players looking to get the most bang for their buck, Ashe’s golden weapons certainly offer the best deal.

Overwatch’s golden weapon system works like this: Players amass competitive points by playing Overwatch’s competitive mode. (Points are given after each game, with a large chunk offered at the end of each season, determined by rank.) Once a player has earned 3,000 competitive points, they can buy a golden weapon for any hero. It’s a way to reward players for using the competitive system—and the only thing to spend competitive points on right now. Golden weapons will stay enabled regardless of skin choice.

Blizzard hasn’t said when it’ll transfer the test server changes to Overwatch’s live game, but a standard time frame is two weeks.