The best Sombra skins in Overwatch

Now you see her, now you don't.

Screengrab via Summer Games Fest

Sombra is Overwatch’s resident hacker and escape artist. Able to hack anything (and anyone) and turn herself invisible in the pursuit of enemies, she’s a damage character who’s always had a fearsome reputation. She was released after a web-based alternate reality game sent fans on a chase for weeks in an attempt to figure out who she was and what she could do.

As one of Overwatch‘s first post-release heroes, Sombra has had plenty of time to accumulate skins over the last several years. Many of her looks pay homage to her Mexican heritage, while others are simply fun costumes that complement her sharp personality. Like most other heroes, she’ll likely be getting a full suite of new skins in Overwatch 2, so we’re taking this opportunity to showcase some of her very best skins from the first Overwatch.

Here are the best Sombra skins in Overwatch.

Face Changer

Sombra wears an intricate skin that changes faces.
Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Face Changer is both one of Sombra’s best skins and one of the best skins in all of Overwatch. It’s one of the game’s few animated skins: every few seconds, Sombra’s face will swap to a different design, meaning that enemies never know who’s coming. Besides its most dramatic feature, Face Changer also has a beautiful purple color scheme, intricate gauntlets, and a striking hat, all of which create a portrait of a feared fighter. This skin was originally available during Lunar New Year events.


Sombra wears a Bride of Frankenstein-inspired skin.
Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Bride puts a fun spin on the traditional Bride of Frankenstein Halloween costume. It’s Sombra’s only Halloween Terror event skin, but it makes up for that with its mix of cute and spooky. Bride replaces Sombra’s cybernetic head implants with the wavy white streaks of Frankenstein’s monster and gives her a single manacle on her ankle to really drive home the creepy angle alongside the torn wedding dress and bandaged knee. Whether you’re sporting this one for Halloween or for everyday play, it’s sure to strike fear into the hearts of the opposing team.

Los Muertos

Sombra wears a neon yellow and pink skin.
Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Los Muertos is one of Sombra’s base legendary skins and is a nod to her lore. Before joining up with the villainous organization Talon, Sombra worked as a hacker for the nefarious gang Los Muertos. This skin’s neon yellow face paint forms Sombra’s signature icon, an angular skull with wide eyes, and its spiky pink hair ensures that she won’t be missed in the thick of battle—unless she wants to disappear. It’s a great cyberpunk-meets-streetwear look that works well on her.


Sombra wears a futuristic white and blue skin.
Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

If Sombra were an Omnic, she’d look something like Cyberspace. This futuristic skin gives the hacker gleaming white armor, a vivid blue braid, and neon blue accents, all of which form the perfect look for hacking into a dystopian society’s computer network—or just escorting the payload on Junkertown. While they’re both base legendary skins, Cyberspace wins out over its Augmented recolor thanks to its more unified color scheme and sleek lights.

Black Cat

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Originally available during Anniversary events, Sombra’s Black Cat skin is a look that’s just for fun. The skin transforms Sombra into a superhero—or would that be a supervillain?—with its black mask, cybernetic ears, and versatile tool belt. It even gives her a wiry tail that ends in a sharp neon point. Black Cat received a recolor called Neon Cat during the game’s recent Anniversary Remix events, but the latter’s color scheme just isn’t as iconic and recognizable as Black Cat’s.


Sombra wears an icy blue skin.
Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Rime is similar to Reaper’s equally chilly Shiver skin. This Winter Wonderland skin transforms Sombra into a cold queen with the power of ice at her disposal. Everything on it is frozen and sharp, from her pointed gauntlets to the ends of her high-collared dress to the metal knee braces she wears. In true Blizzard fashion, it’s incredibly intricate on both the front and the back. Every time you look at Rime, you’ll see something new. If you’re looking to freeze out your enemies, this is the skin to pick.


Sombra wears a diving-inspired skin.
Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Even Sombra needs a vacation, and Tulum is proof of that. This diving-inspired skin is named for a real-life coastal town on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Originally available during Summer Games events, it includes everything Sombra needs to go for a dip, including flippers, a diving mask, and goggles. While it’s not one of her flashier skins, it’s a fun inclusion that shows what she might look like on one of her few days off from handling Talon’s dark affairs.