Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan: Terry Crews would be great for many things

The hype train is already rolling, and it can't be stopped.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan was at the BAFTA Game Awards in London this week—and while there, he had some words about Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews as Doomfist. Sort of.

“Terry Crews has a fantastic voice, but you know what I like about Terry Crews?” Kaplan asks. “His positive, can-do attitude.”

And when the interviewer slides in with a question about whether Crews would make a good Doomfist, Kaplan dodges the question. “He might be great for many things,” Kaplan responded.

And this is not the first time Kaplan has been asked about Doomfist this week. The Overwatch game director has been grilled about the potential Overwatch hero plenty of times during his London media blitz, suggesting that Doomfist may not be arriving as soon as fans expect. “This is the community’s own doing,” Kaplan told GamesRadar. “They created this monster and we’re enjoying their enthusiasm about Doomfist. I hope they don’t just burn themselves out too early on him.”

Crews himself is pretty hyped on Doomfist, too. In February, he recorded some voice lines for the potential Overwatch hero, just not with Blizzard.

The hype train is moving too fast for us to stop now, Jeff.

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