Splyce Overwatch Roster Changes

Splyce has announced several changes to their Overwatch roster.

Due to a recent dip in results, Splyce has announced a revamp of their Overwatch roster. Two-thirds of the overall roster has been released following the Overwatch Open. Splyce stated that, “we are reaching a point where ‘ladder’ players are truly catching up to the ‘known names’ that have been playing since closed beta. Since ELEAGUE, we have had the opportunity to look at tons of players from Europe, Brazil, and even the remote area of le Reddit.”

ShaneisGhost has stepped down from his temporary spot on the team, with ninjanick, clockwork and SycknesS also leaving the Splyce roster.

Players Adetonian (support), Moffitt (DPS) and Moffitt (flex) are set to join the team, with twidi completing the roster in ShaneisGhost’s tank position. 

The inclusion of these players forms another mixed-region team and it will be interesting to see if results can turn in Splyce’s favour moving forward after the World Championship ends at BlizzCon. I know that I’m hoping this team is given a chance to prove themselves.

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