Birdring will sit out of the Overwatch League All-Star Game due to a wrist injury

London Spitfire's Park "Profit" Jun-young will take his place.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

London Spitfire DPS player Kim “birdring” Ji-hyeok will sit out of the Overwatch League’s All-Star Weekend due to a wrist injury. Park “Profit” Jun-young, birdring’s London Spitfire DPS partner, will step in as a replacement.

“Farewell Profit. We’ll miss you… in Korea, because your favorite Overwatch League finals MVP is traveling to Los Angeles for All-Stars,” London Spitfire wrote on Twitter. “As the leading votes-getter, Profit will be taking birdring’s place, allowing the latter to give his wrists some much deserved rest.”

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London Spitfire didn’t expand on birdring’s wrist injury, but the South Korean DPS player previously said he didn’t hurt his wrist playing Overwatch; his wrist injury originated from playing Bennett Foddy’s Getting Over It. The notoriously frustrating game has players hurling themselves over a mountain, playing as a man with a cauldron for a lower body. Birdring said on stream in August that he hurt his wrist after slamming his wrists on his desk while playing the game.

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Dot Esports has reached out to London Spitfire for more information on birdring’s injury.

Birdring’s replacement isn’t half bad, though: Profit was named the Overwatch League grand finals MVP shortly after London Spitfire was named champion of the inaugural season.

The Overwatch League’s All-Star Weekend is scheduled for Aug. 25 and 26 at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles in Burbank, California. The Atlantic and Pacific division teams, voted in by fans and Overwatch League staff, will go head-to-head in a series of skill-based challenges, followed by the official All-Star Game on Aug. 26.