These are the groups for the final Overwatch Monthly Melee

Some strong NA teams will duke it out for one last melee.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Some of the top teams in North America will clash in the Alienware’s final Overwatch Monthly Melee, the company revealed today.

The bittersweet tournament will kick off this Friday, May 19, with a qualifier event. The group stage begins on May 20 and the playoffs round out the event on May 20. After that, the tournament scene gets murky as players and teams await news about the Overwatch League.

Group A

Team Liquid
YIKES! (Former Denial Esports roster)
LG Evil
Qualifier upper bracket winner

Group B


Selfless Gaming


Qualifier lower bracket winner

Group A has an early favorite in LG Evil, who won CyberPower PC’s Spring Invitational last week and are on the rise. YIKES! is a temporary team name for the former Denial Esports roster, as they were dropped from that organization two weeks ago. Team Liquid also had a recent strong showing, as they placed second in the Overwatch NA PIT Championship in April.

Group B is looking very strong. It features Selfless, who finished second in April’s Monthly Melee after losing a tough bout to Rogue, who have since gone on to South Korea for OGN Apex. CLG finished second to LG Evil in CyberPower’s Spring Invitational earlier in the month, and Immortals won December’s Monthly Melee. The final spot in each group will be filled by qualifier teams.

As always, the top two teams in the group stage will be seeded into an upper bracket, and the bottom two will be seeded to the lower bracket. The playoffs will feature a double elimination tournament, where the upper bracket winners gain a one-map advantage in the grand finals.

Once this Monthly Melee ends, the last event currently on the NA Overwatch calendar is Rivalcade’s Overwatch Rumble. Beyond that, it remains to be seen when these promising teams will duke it out again.