Overwatch League reveals MVP Zenyatta skin for JJoNak

The flex support becomes the first player in the league to have a skin designed for him.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

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For an Overwatch League player, the biggest honor imaginable is getting an in-game skin to immortalize your play. And luckily for New York Excelsior flex support and 2018 inaugural season MVP Bang “JJoNak” Sung-hyeon, he is the first and only Overwatch League player to have inspired a skin within the game.

The special MVP skin was created for Zenyatta, JJoNak’s signature hero. JJoNak’s original Korean in-game name referenced an octopus, and he has a sizable tattoo representing his love of the sea creatures. The Overwatch design team took this into consideration and went with a deep-sea, sci-fi theme.

The JJoNak MVP skin changes Zenyatta’s head to a large, pink octopus in a clear helmet. Zenyatta’s normal metal orbs are replaced with tiny octopuses, which change color from pink to gold if the hero’s golden weapon is equipped. New York Excelsior’s colors adorn Zenyatta’s outfit as well.

“We’re celebrating a specific person outside of the Overwatch universe and bringing their influence into the world,” said Arnold Tsang, assistant art director for Overwatch.

A teaser for the skin was released on June 20, which showed the NYXL team traveling to the Blizzard Entertainment offices to get a peek of the concept art. JJoNak himself said that he hoped an octopus would be involved. His teammates, Park “Saebyeolbe” Jong Ryeol and Kim “Pine” Do-hyun, echoed how amazing the skin was.

The Overwatch MVP skin can be unlocked on June 27 for a limited time. The skin must be unlocked using Overwatch League tokens. One hundred tokens can be purchased for $4.99 or earned through watching Overwatch League games.