Overwatch 2 player shows how Sombra can ruin the fun of any match very quickly

No fun for you.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra is known as a member of the Overwatch 2 hero roster who can make life annoying for anyone on the enemy team. Her invisibility and hacking mechanics are often seen as disallowing others to play the game by preventing them from using their abilities while hiding in the shadows.

Yesterday, one Sombra player took the hero’s anti-fun sentiments to a new level during a match against the Twitch streamer Aspen, who was harmlessly playing Lúcio during a match on Hollywood.

After unlocking the payload on the hybrid map, Aspen began her duty, as any good Lúcio would, of getting as much objective time as humanly possible while her team pushed forward. Attempting to turn an otherwise mundane task into something entertaining, Aspen began the “Moonwalk” emote to have Lúcio do his best Michael Jackson impersonation as he moved the payload.

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But the enemy Sombra wasn’t about to let Aspen partake in such a joyous, fulfilling act. As Lúcio began to glide backward, this Sombra player came out of invisibility right next to Aspen’s Lúcio and unloaded a round of headshots that swiftly disposed of the one hero on the payload.

Aspen couldn’t help but laugh at the silliness of the occasion, and so did that Sombra player from the other team. But if there’s one thing to be learned from the situation, it is that anytime the other team has a Sombra player, you might want to remain vigilant and hold off on the emotes.


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