Overwatch’s new Escort map Junkertown is now live on the PTR

Mercy and D.Va have also been tweaked yet again.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A brand new PTR update came to Overwatch alongside today’s live server update, and it includes the game’s newest map—an Escort map called Junkertown.

Junkertown was first revealed last week at gamescom, and it’s already available to be tried out and played in custom games and Quick Play on the PTR.

Like other Escort maps, Junkertown features a payload that must be escorted throughout the map past multiple objectives. The map is finished when the payload reaches the end of its journey.

There were also two slight changes made to new hero adjustments on the PTR, including the radical changes to Mercy and D.Va.

First, Mercy’s new ultimate ability, Valkyrie, has been toned down a bit. When in Valkyrie mode, Mercy no longer gains an increased fire rate or damage boost, and her flight speed has been decreased from 11 to nine. The ability should feel way less offense-oriented now.

D.Va’s Micro Missiles have also received a tweak, as their damage has been reduced by 25 percent. This new ability makes D.Va more of an offensive tank, as she can combo her mobility with her missiles and newfound ability to fire while flying.

It’s unknown when these alterations will hit the live servers, but the PTR is live again with these changes ready for testing right now.