How to play Junker Queen in Overwatch 2

It's your kingdom now.

The Junker Queen stands in front of the Junker Town sign.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Junker Queen has officially arrived, making her debut at the start of the Overwatch 2 beta period that began on June 28. A chiseled specimen, Junker Queen is tall enough to awaken something in you while also dealing enough damage at a sustainable rate to be a viable tank option.

Her kit is relatively straightforward and is focused on dealing damage over time while closing the distance between herself and enemies to inflict maximum damage with her shotgun. Additionally, her abilities give her quickness and sustainability that make her health hard to deplete all the way down.

Looking to rule as Junker Queen? Here’s a breakdown of how you can do it.

How to use Junker Queen’s abilities

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Here’s the full ability kit for Junker Queen in Overwatch 2.

AbilityKey/mouse bindingAbility description
ScattergunLeft-clickPrimary fire. Pump action shotgun.
Jagged BladeRight-clickActive: Throw your blade, right-click again to recall, will pull embedded enemies towards you. Passive: Quick melee wounds enemies, deals damage over time.
Commanding ShoutLeft ShiftIncrease health by 200 and hear by allies’ health by 100. Increases movement speed by 30 percent.
CarnageEWound all enemies in front of you.
RampageQUltimate. Charge forward, wounding enemies, preventing enemies from being healed.
Adrenaline RushPassivePassive ability. Heal from all damage over time dealt by wounds.

Junker Queen tips, tricks, and plays

The Junker Queen stands in front of Junkertown, her domain.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Between Commanding Shout and her Adrenaline Rush passive, Junker Queen has a lot of sustainability and can heal herself plenty, so don’t be afraid to get in the thick of fights on the frontline. Use Commanding Shout to make yourself move quicker too, making it harder for opponents to damage you as you regain health. And remember, the more wounds you deal, the more health you recover.

Junker Queen’s Jagged Blade recall can be used like Roadhog’s hook, allowing you to pick out squishy healers and DPS heroes and pull them close to you. The closer they get, the more effective your pump-action shotgun blasts are.

Because of the time it takes to swing your blade while using Carnage, don’t try to combo a manual Jagged Blade recall into a Carnage attack. Instead, wait for the automatic Jagged Blade recall and start your Carnage attack right when the recall circle completes. This will load up your Carnage attack and it should swing right when the enemy is pulled in front of you.

Like with most ultimates, you want to wait until the opposing team is grouped up to unleash it.