Fusion University jerseys banned from Overwatch Contenders for the big “FU”

The team has to compete in T-shirts instead.

Photo via Fusion University

When Fusion University—Overwatch League team Philadelphia Fusion’s academy roster—qualified for the Overwatch Contenders grand finals in Poland on May 12, they weren’t wearing their freshly-printed jerseys. The six players instead wore black T-shirts, because their official jersey was banned.

It’s got something to do with the large “FU” printed right across the chest. Fusion University posted on Twitter that the jerseys were banned earlier ahead of the team’s Overwatch Contenders matches. “FU jerseys banned by Overwatch Contenders for possibly being too hot to handle,” Fusion University wrote. “FU jerseys on sale soon.”

Fusion staff confirmed to Dot Esports that the jerseys were indeed banned. They’ll be jersey-less again tomorrow when the team takes on Toronto Esports in the Overwatch Contenders North American grand finals.

While “FU” stands for Fusion University to us pure Overwatch Contenders fans, Blizzard likely took offense to its alternate meaning. The Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles infamously denied a vegan a vanity license plate for the same reason in 2014. The license plate in question was “ILVTOFU.” Get it? Florida, Virginia, and Colorado have all also denied similar license plates, apparently.

Fusion staff on Twitter have been pointing out inconsistencies in Blizzard’s appropriate meter. Overwatch hero McCree has a belt buckle emblazoned with “BAMF,” which has a similarly profane meaning. Dot Esports has reached out to Blizzard for clarification.

Overwatch’s edgiest team will face a fully-outfitted Toronto Esports squad for the Contenders grand finals at 9:30am CT on May 13.

Update May 13 8:27pm CT: Philadelphia Fusion staff told Dot Esports that the team didn’t find out the shirts were banned until the Contenders media day in Poland. “The players frantically started messaging me at 3am ET,” Philly Fusion’s PR manager said.