This fan-made Overwatch map looks like it’s created by Blizzard

A fan-made map puts Cairo into Overwatch.

Screengrab via Joshua Ilorente/YouTube

Cairo isn’t a location in Overwatch, but this fan-made map looks good enough to put into the game.

Artist Joshua Ilorente is creating an Overwatch map based on Cairo, Egypt. Ilorente posted a teaser video to Reddit, showing off his stunning work. Using Unreal Engine 4, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, and Photoshop, Ilorente detailed his process.

“[Cairo] will take months to finish, since this is much bigger [than my first map],” Ilorente said. “I start with some basic sketches and layout for the map, but as I create the level, there will be on the spot changes and revision that will go through the design.”

Ilorente is a college student working on his thesis project, and building the Overwatch map in his free time. And it looks like there’s a bright future for the student: His work looks like it’s straight out of Overwatch itself.

Move over, Temple of Anubis. Egypt has a new Overwatch map.