You can listen to BLACKPINK’s new song, “Lovesick Girls,” in PUBG Mobile

BLACKPINK-themed airdrops and airplanes have also arrived.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile announced a collaboration with popular K-pop girl group BLACKPINK last month. As part of this, a lot of features and events are coming to the battle royale game. And starting today, players can listen to the band’s new song, “Lovesick Girls,” in the game.

BLACKPINK released the song earlier today alongside their first studio album, titled The Album. The song can be heard through the in-game lobby music. It’ll be available in PUBG Mobile until Nov. 2.

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Aside from this, BLACKPINK billboards, airdrops, and airplanes have also appeared on the New Erangel map. The BLACKPINK billboard will be around until Oct. 8. Now, airdrops in the game arrive through a BLACKPINK-themed airplane. The airdrop will also have a BLACKPINK skin and will give off pink smoke. This will also be available until Nov. 2.

The BLACKPINK x PUBG Mobile event is live in the game. Players can complete missions to earn light sticks that can be used to get rewards like a spring T-shirt, supply crate coupon scrap, and more. The top five players with the most light sticks will also get a signed album from the band and a permanent in-game Adorable Panda Suit.

Players can even give in-game gifts to each of the four members of the band: Jennie Kim, Kim Jisoo, Lisa Manoban, and Rosé Park. Their in-game character IDs were revealed and can be used to find their accounts to give them gifts. The player who contributes the most to each member will also get a signed reward from the band.