Why is Technoblade not competing in Minecraft Championships (MCC) 14, Season 2?

The powerhouse player won't be in attendance for the start of season two.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

With the return of the Minecraft Championships for a second season of competition, fans are obviously excited to see their favorite content creators and streamers participate in the event. But once the teams were officially announced, many viewers started asking why Technoblade wasn’t part of the MCC 14 roster. 

Technoblade is widely considered one of the best Minecraft players in the content creation space, especially when it comes to PvP events. He has previously won two MCC competitions, MCC 4 and MCC 8, and became a staple of the series. 

In the 10 MCC events he competed in, Technoblade never finished outside of the top 10 in individual scoring, and his teams never placed below sixth in the total rankings.

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Because of his popularity as a content creator and competitor, many fans have reached out to Noxcrew and other competitors to try and find out why he wasn’t part of the MCC 14 roster. 

Smajor1995, better known as Scott Smajor and the organizer of MCC, addressed this during a stream on May 2, noting that it was simply Technoblade’s decision not to participate. 

“Certain people will be like ‘I don’t want to play in this one, which is totally fine,” Scott said. “But then the viewers will think that they had been cut out or I didn’t put them on a team. Techno’s not doing this MCC because he doesn’t want to.”

This is not the first time he has skipped out on competing in MCC, having missed the inaugural MCC tournament and then opting to not participate in MCC 12 or 13 prior to Noxcrew putting the event on hold. 

Noxcrew will be announcing another “big thing” at the end of MCC 14, so be sure to tune in today at 2pm CT on Twitch.

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