Minecraft Championships (MCC) 14: Live scores, standings, and results

The biggest show on blocks is back for a second season.

Image via Noxcrew

The five-month drought is now over and Noxcrew is back with the next iteration of the Minecraft Championships, bringing revamped games, assets, and content to millions of viewers around the world.  

MCC Season Two, which kicked off with MCC 14 on May 29, was the debut of multiple new projects from Noxcrew, including MCC Live, a new live service that will let viewers easily track the scores for the event and access every individual competitor’s point of view. 

With this relaunch, Noxcrew maintained the same approach to the MCC format, playing it out with 10 teams made up of four content creators. Those teams competed in eight different games, earning points throughout the event, with the top-two teams at the end of all eight rounds competing in one final showdown for the MCC coin. 

Here are all of the scores, standings, and other details from each round of MCC 14. 

Overall rankings

MCC 14 Champion: Aqua Axolotls 3-1

  1. Blue Bats: 21,528 Coins
  2. Aqua Axolotls: 20,218 Coins
  3. Purple Pandas: 19,833 Coins
  4. Red Rabbits: 17,882 Coins
  5. Yellow Yaks: 17,504 Coins
  6. Pink Parrots: 15,566 Coins
  7. Green Guardians: 15,252 Coins
  8. Orange Ocelots: 15,093 Coins
  9. Cyan Creepers: 13,730 Coins
  10. Lime Llamas: 13,523 Coins

Game Pool

  • Sky Battle
  • Battle Box
  • Parkour Tag
  • Survival Games
  • Big Sales at Built Mart
  • Ace Race
  • Hole in the Wall

Round One: Big Sales at Built Mart

Winner: Yellow Yaks


Winner: Pink Parrots

Round Three: Sky Battle

Winner: Blue Bats

Round Four: Survival Games

Winner: Red Rabbits

Round Five (Audience Vote): Hole in the Wall

Winner: Aqua Axolotls

Round Six: Ace Race

Winner: Yellow Yaks

Top Finisher: Smajor1995 (06:04.85)

Round Seven: Battle Box

Winner: Blue Bats

Round Eight: Parkour Tag

Winner:  Yellow Yaks

Finale: Dodgebolt

Winner: Aqua Axolotls 3-1

Runner-up: Blue Bats